PGH Maker Faire - Testimonials

PGH Maker Faire starting from the time they made a debut, is already an event I look forward to. Before, it is just being held only once a year. But now, they are already hosting this at least thrice a year which can really help those people like me who are looking for a hobby and a livelihood without leaving the comfort of our homes. Yes, I already have my very own business which is prospering for almost 5 years now. But even if this is the case, I still see to it to attend still PGH Maker Faire because I learn a new technique and designs every single time.


My wife suffered from depression after our second baby was born. It was really a tough time for both of us especially since I do not want her to fall into a somber mood that goes on for weeks. I wanted her to find something she can be busy about. So when I saw the advertisement at PGH Maker Faire, I decided to bring her there. Little did I know that it will serve as the next big thing in her life. Now, she is already happily applying what she learned here at the hobbies she has developed ever since she started attending this event. As a husband, I cannot be any happier.


I super love learning about knitting and embroidery. Now, it is already possible for me to personalize my stuff at home. I usually embroider my initials to my pillowcases and sheets. But the best thing about it is that I can also give them away as a gift item during special occasions. Such has indeed saved me a lot of money. You should try it too. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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