FAQs by PGH Maker Faire

For more information about the website or the PGH Maker Faire, you may want to visit the most common questions being asked to us by many individuals on a regular basis. We hope that this can guide you in knowing more about our advocacy and the program.

Is there an entrance fee for this event?

Yes, there is. You can buy your tickets at the actual event at its full price. If you are going to buy from the website 30 days before the event, we can give you a 25% discount but that is only if the purchase will be done online. Please rest assured that the prices we are going to charge you are nothing but reasonable. That will go straight to our procurement fund which is being utilized to buy GIY kits for the people that we are mentoring.

Do you need to pay any membership fee in order to access the full content of the website?

Here at our website, we never ask money from our customers. You do not need to pay any membership fee. All you need is to create an account from us which comes for FREE. If you choose not to register, that is okay too. However, please expect that you will not have a full access to our website unless you have your own account.

Where can we buy your DIY kit?

Our DIY kit is distributed during the actual event. It is what you get from buying a ticket from us. If you need more, we can endorse you to our partner merchants who really sell these products. Don’t worry. They will sell it to you at low prices especially upon our endorsement.

Where can we see the schedule for the event?

You can see the schedule here on our website. We post here all the information so please stand by and always be on the lookout for updates from us. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you will not miss anything.

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