PGH Maker Faire is a venue for activities that aim to give additional knowledge and learnings to every individual who is going to attend. This is a regular event that is attended by hundreds of people from the whole city and even the whole state. This is where many professionals are invited to impart their knowledge to the attendees.

PGH Maker Faire - About Us

What is the purpose of this? Aside from the new knowledge, it can bring, we also would like to encourage individuals to maximize all the information they are going to get here and use it for their gain especially if they are thinking if venturing into businesses which includes handicrafts. There are just so many different activities here that you can develop as a startup which includes jewelry making.

Are you not feeling confident enough? Do you think you need more assistance? No worries. Although this is usually just a 2-day event, we’d love to tell you that our dedication to those people in need never stops. In fact, we have a follow through on this. Basically, PGH Maker Faire is just a place that will make you decide what you want to pursue and where your interest lies. But it is still up to us to guide you until you are already stable enough to be left on your own. Of course, we are going to be of guidance to you.

PGH Maker Faire started in early 2001. Since then, this has already become our advocacy as we push ourselves to meet the expectations of people every single time. Due to the request for this to be a regular event, we answered them with the promise of not just once a year but at least thrice and we are still increasing the number of training depending on the participants and the need. Please continue to support us in our advocacy. In that way, we can help more and more people in the process.

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